Things to Consider When Planning a Maternity Photoshoot

by | Jan 6, 2022

When a woman is pregnant it is a very special time in her life. It does not matter whether they are carrying the first, second or umpteenth child. Although there are challenges that come with being pregnant, the reward of being a mother at the end of it all is something that cannot be compared with any feeling. Bringing a new life into this world is something that special and shows you how important women are to this world. One of the ways to appreciate and document this period in a woman’s life is by taking maternity photographs. The photographs will help preserve this moment in a timeless piece of art. But, how do you go about planning a maternity photoshoot? Well, here are a few tips to help you.

The cost

When we talk about a photoshoot here, we do not mean taking out your phone and giving it to your spouse, friend, or family member to take a bunch of snaps. We are talking about maternity photos done by a professional. Due to acquiring these services from a professional, a cost must be incurred – that is of course not the case if you are married or in a relationship, with a professional photographer.

Cost should not be much of an issue because there are many pregnancy photography professionals for various budgets, just choose a service that will give you the best photos at a price that will be friendly for your pocket.

When to take the pregnancy photos

Most people are advised to take their pregnancy photos at around the 8th month. This is because, at this stage of your pregnancy, the baby bump is visible and can be seen in your pictures. This does not however mean that this is the only time to do so, you can have more than a few sessions, if your budget allows, and have them spread throughout the entirety of your pregnancy period. Also, remember to take as many pictures with your phone or home camera as you can during your pregnancy supplement the one done by a professional.

The location

The location should only be what you want. It should not be what you think will be cool or trendy. Just choose a location and setting that speaks to you. This will make the whole experience a lot more fun and enjoyable. The result will be photos that will not only be amazing but one that you will love for a long time to come.


Like any photo shoot, during a pregnancy photography session, make sure you are well prepared about what you are going to wear. Pick a dress that will make you look beautiful, fits with the setting and location. Most important of all, pick something comfortable!


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