Using Props to Enhance Your Maternity Photoshoot

I think all women out there will agree to the fact that a maternity photoshoot is one of the best ways to capture a special time in their lives. These photoshoots offer a way for expectant mothers to capture their experience in a timeless piece of art. It allows them to take these moments and preserve them for enjoyment and remembrance later on in their lives. They can store them and in the future watch these photos with their family and friends, and even the unborn baby.

These shoots are very important and one of the ways of enhancing them is by using props. Here are some of the ways to use props to enhance your pregnancy photoshoot session.

Props are one of the simple and beautiful ways of enhancing any photoshoot. This is also the case for a pregnancy photo shoot. Here are some ways to use props during your maternity photo shoot.

Chalk board

Chalk boards offer a very unique way of enhancing your photoshoot. When included in the right way, they offer many more ways of enhancing the session than any other type of prop on this list. Chalk boards can be cut into desired sizes and special messages written on them. For example, I saw a maternity photoshoot with a chalk board at the side of the pregnant woman in the photo and it had a “40 weeks – just about to pop” message written it. This is a nice way to enhance the photo because it does not just show the pregnant woman, but it is indicated that the photo was taken when she was at 40 weeks and then she was about to give birth. There are many other creative ways that you can use chalk boards to enhance your photoshoots and another example is by writing a message for your unborn baby. Because chalk boards are blank and anything can be written on them, it makes them the ultimate prop for improving your pregnancy photoshoot.

Stuffed Toys

Many women tend to buy baby clothes and toys for their unborn babies by the time they are 8 months into their pregnancies. As such, Toys such as stuffed animals can be used to add more artistic quality to the photoshoot. This is a great way to also include what may hopefully end up being your baby’s first or favorite toy in your photos.

How about your baby’s crib?

A crib is another way to enhance your maternity photoshoot. This is especially a very good option for those that love an indoor setting for their shoot.


Above are just a few ways of using props to enhance your maternity photoshoot. There are many ways to incorporate props in shoots and ensure that you not only enjoy and have a great experience during the shoot but also put your own touch to it.


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